Share your Board is a new collaborative platform that will allow you to take advantage of those surf boards that you don’t use anymore, so you can share them with other surfers like you. Set your own goals when renting your surf board: earn money to buy a new board, pay for a surf trip or just for a dinner out.

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Community and Sustainability

We believe in sustainability and we don’t want our beaches to be overcrowded with intermediaries. That’s why we connect you with people like you, people that want to enjoy the waves and respect the environment, while empowering the local surfer. We strive to form a positive community that cares about the sea and that takes care of your board just like their own.

Sharing ALL OF THE info with you

Give us your details on this link or write down your email and shortly, someone from our team will get in touch with you to solve any of the questions you might have.



Looking for surfers that would like to share their boards for the launching of a pioneering app
Share your board and earn money
Share your Board, a collaborative platform for surfers
Share your board is born, the first platform to share your surf board
Learning about "Share Your Board" with Koldo Ugarte
Rent your board with "Share your board"
Share your Board is looking for surfers that want to earn extra money by sharing their surf boards